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    Give the gift of wellness this Mother’s Day with our CBD Pack: serum, moisturizer, CBD and grapefruit oils. Be careful!
    The 3 combinations to choose from are:

    • Option 1: Facial Serum + Body Lotion + Facial Cream + CBD oil 5%.
    • Option 2: Facial Serum + Body Lotion + Facial Cream + Grapefruit Body Oil
    • Option 3: Facial Serum + Body Lotion + Facial Cream + CBD 5% Oil + Grapefruit Body Oil

    Buying this pack you get a saving of up to 40%.

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    Revitalize your lips with the essence of CBD Cosmetics: our lip balm fuses nourishing cocoa and shea with restorative CBD for a radiant smile. Moisturize and protect your lips with this lipstick made with natural ingredients.

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    Take care of your skin with CBD facial moisturizer. 100% natural and highly effective ingredients. Brightens, softens and deeply hydrates the skin. Light texture of easy absorption. Daily use.

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    Facial serum with high CBD content. Care for and rejuvenate your skin with the revitalizing anti-wrinkle CBD serum. Moisturizing treatment for daily use. From our CBD Cosmetics section.

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    Moisturize and repair your skin with CBD Body Cream. Apply it on the skin to feel the total relief, hydration and repair. Light texture and easy absorption. Very smooth and fresh aroma. Moisturizes, conditions and softens the skin. The best cosmetics with CBD.

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    CBD body oil, combines cannabidiol with grapefruit, achieving a skin care with natural products and a sweet and very pleasant aroma. Cannactiva, best store to buy cosmetics with CBD.

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    Body oil with 100% natural CBD. Moisturizes, softens and protects your skin with a relaxing and soothing effect, leaving a soft and sweet scent. Cosmetics with CBD.

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    Hemp soap with lavender that softens, protects and cleanses your skin with a relaxing and therapeutic aroma. It is a 100% natural soap, made with organic ingredients. Select the option to include the hemp fabric exfoliating pouch, with hanging handle if preferred. You will find it in the CBD Cosmetics section.

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    100% natural hemp scrub bag: an eco-friendly and effective solution for a deep and gentle cleansing of your skin.

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    Healthy teeth and gums with natural CBD toothpaste, with white clay, aloe vera and mint. 100% natural ingredients, no fluoride and no artificial flavors. Cleans and strengthens teeth and gums reducing tooth sensitivity. Our toothpaste is composed of certified organic ingredients, like all our CBD cosmetics.

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    Moisturize, smooth and illuminate the face with the beauty kit that includes the CBD Moisturizing Facial Cream and the CBD Facial Serum, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C. Cotton gift bag. A CBD pack to restore radiance. Discover the benefits of CBD cosmetics!

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    Pamper your skin with this all-over beauty treatment. Moisturize, smooth and illuminate the face with the beauty kit that includes the CBD Facial Serum, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, the CBD Moisturizing Facial Cream and the CBD Repairing Body Cream. Enjoy this exclusive CBD pack.

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Purchase Natural Cosmetics with CBD Online

Welcome to our online store for natural cosmetics with CBD! At Cannactiva, we are pioneers in introducing high-quality cannabis cosmetics in Spain. Discover our catalog of CBD cosmetics with natural and effective ingredients for the care and beauty of your skin!

Get to know Cannactiva’s CBD Cosmetics

In recent years, CBD or cannabidiol has become popular in the cosmetics sector as one of the miracle solutions for dry skin, tightness, and as an anti-aging treatment.

This hemp component has anti-inflammatory properties, sebum-regulating (for both dry skin and acne-prone skin), anti-itching (to relieve itching), and promotes homeostasis or the natural balance of the skin.

  • CBD Hydrating Facial Cream
  • CBD Facial Serum
  • CBD Body Lotion
  • CBD Body Oil

At Cannactiva, we commit to natural cosmetics with CBD. We primarily use organic ingredients from plants and combine them with the most effective current cosmetic agents to enhance the effects of CBD on the skin.

In the formulation of our cosmetic products, you’ll find full-spectrum CBD combined with Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Vegetable Oils, Vitamin C, Pro Vitamin B5, plant extracts like Essential Oils, and Organic Hemp Hydrosol, and our Cannactiva Complex ® beauty secret. The result is beauty products with all the benefits of cannabis for the skin.

Only at Cannactiva can you buy the highest quality natural cosmetics with CBD

All the CBD beauty products available in our online CBD shop are formulated by professionals with extensive experience in the cosmetics sector and meet the highest quality standards in the market.

We have strived to achieve a natural and organic formulation. The CBD creams, serums, lotions, and oils that make up the Cannactiva facial and body care range contain primarily pure and effective botanical ingredients.

We are convinced of the benefits of hemp for the skin and believe that natural cosmetics with CBD are the best solution to provide respectful and healthy skin hydration and nourishment, restoring its natural elasticity, beauty, and radiance.

Where does the CBD for cosmetics come from?

The CBD or cannabidiol we use in our products makes a difference. For those who are not yet familiar, CBD is a type of cannabinoid extracted from the industrial hemp plant (Cannabis sativa). To obtain the best full-spectrum CBD, we only use specially selected hemp varieties, with an optimal cannabinoid profile.

The CBD in Cannactiva’s creams and cosmetics comes from Spanish hemp plantations, from the best organic seed varieties, grown respectfully and ecologically, without pesticides. Only then can we achieve a CBD rich in active principles for skin beauty.

From organic hemp crops, we obtain powerful cannabis cosmetic ingredients: full-spectrum CBD, organic hemp seed oil, and top-quality hemp hydrosol.

See Cannactiva’s CBD Oils

Uses of CBD in Cosmetics

CBD or cannabidiol has been a revolution in the cosmetic sector, standing out as one of the most valuable products for healthy and well-cared-for skin.

This component acts on the skin mainly as a normalizer, promoting the proper functioning and homeostasis of skin tissue. Scientific studies have discovered that the skin has a regulatory system, called the endocannabinoid system, on which CBD acts.

The effects of CBD on the skin include:

  • Sebum-regulating properties, promising for acne treatment and to regulate sebum production in both dry and oily skin.
  • Antipruritic properties, to relieve itching and discomfort caused by dry skin.
  • Analgesic properties, to calm tightness and pain.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties, useful for conditions such as redness or dermatitis.

The result after days of CBD use is visibly healthier, hydrated, and cared-for skin.

Cannabis Cosmetics: Much More Than Just CBD Cosmetics!

  • Hemp oil: extracted from hemp seeds by cold pressing. It is rich in Omega 3 and 6, polyunsaturated fatty acids that care for, hydrate, and protect the skin, while improving the composition of the skin barrier.
  • Hemp hydrosol: the product resulting from hemp distillation. It is high in antioxidants and serves as an aqueous base for cosmetic preparations such as creams and lotions.
  • CBD or cannabidiol: extracted from industrial hemp flowers or buds, using supercritical CO2 extraction.

It exerts its cosmetic effect through its influence on the skin’s endocannabinoid system. Numerous scientific studies have shown how CBD works to treat skin conditions.

Choose Natural Cosmetics with CBD

At Cannactiva, we believe in the power of nature and the properties of natural ingredients for the skin. We have always enjoyed experimenting with plant-based ecological skin remedies. We know firsthand the benefits of natural cosmetics – both purchased and homemade; and precisely for this reason, we couldn’t give up adding these benefits to our CBD cosmetics.

The truth is that many natural ingredients in creams are also edible, used in food, like hemp seed oil. And what nourishes from within can also do so from the outside, applied to the skin.

At Cannactiva, we opt for natural products, which is why in addition to cosmetics we offer CBD for Pets and CBD Vaping (made with 100% natural extract) and CBD flowers from the most highly valued varieties. And if you prefer hash, Cannactiva’s CBD Hash has the best reviews in the market.

Discover Cannactiva’s Natural CBD Cosmetics

Cannactiva’s natural CBD cosmetics are made with plant-based ingredient preparations, such as Aloe vera and ecological vegetable oils, like hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and shea butter. To these formulas, we add skin-hydrating active ingredients like CBD, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, and plant extracts.

More and more people are realizing the huge difference between using a conventional cream and a natural CBD cosmetic cream. Natural ingredients have a different texture and feel when applied to the skin, leaving a pleasant sensation, not clogging pores, and washing off easily.

We invite you to experience it on your own skin. Discover the benefits of natural cosmetics with CBD!