Best CBD and hemp gifts this Christmas

CBD Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and with it will come the parties, the reunions… and the gifts! Opportunities to express our affection and love are multiplying, but when we want to surprise someone, buying gifts can be a difficult task. Take the opportunity to give your loved ones something special to help them be happier: give the gift of well-being, joy and peace to the family through Cannactiva’s CBD and hemp products.

Why give CBD products as Christmas gifts?

CBD products are a great gift idea for Christmas. Whether you are looking for a special gift for a family member or friend, or if you have to buy a gift for an invisible friend, you will find the right thing in our store. CBD has many applications. We have a wide range of CBD cosmetics, CBD oils, CBD flowers and CBD products for physiotherapy such as creams and relaxing massage oils.

For those who are not yet familiar with this component, CBD or cannabidiol is a medicinal active ingredient extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant. It has no psychoactive effects (therefore, it does not cause “high”), and acts in a subtle and soft way in the organism, providing a feeling of relaxation, comfort, calm and well-being.

We help you choose the best gift

No idea what CBD product to give as a gift? We have prepared a selection of our favorite CBD products to pamper your loved ones this Christmas:

CBD Christmas packs to give as gifts

We have it all ready for you to give the best CBD Christmas gift ever! To help you with gifts, at Cannactiva we have prepared incredible CBD Flower Packs at very affordable prices and with an outstanding presentation. We bring you a selection of the best varieties of CBD Cannabis Flowers in our store, including the top selling CBD flowers, the best sellers and the most successful among our customers.

In addition, we offer you the option of gift wrapping, in a personalized paper with printed motifs of the cannabis plant, exclusive of Cannactiva.

Cannabis CBD Flowers Packs for Christmas Cannactiva

Flowers are a thoughtful and unique gift, but CBD Cannactiva flowers have the power to brighten up even the dullest of days.

In Cannactiva we have a wide range of CBD Cannabis Flowers collection, of unparalleled quality and with a presentation according to its quality and worthy of the best Christmas gift. We make the difference because we are passionate about the plant and we know how to find the best product. This Christmas, don’t hesitate to show your appreciation with an assortment of the finest CBD flowers. With our wide variety, there is sure to be something for everyone!

CBD Flowers Christmas Gift Pack

Includes 6 grams of three varieties Flores Cannabis CBD: 2 grams of Candy Krush + 2 grams of Sweet Spot + 2 grams of Ninja Fruit + 3 grams of Hash CBD + Hemp rolling paper Cannactiva, gift.

Christmas Gift Pack: CBD Hash Lovers Kit (25 grams)

Includes 25 grams of CBD Hash + Cannactiva lighter and Cannactiva hemp rolling papers.

Gift Pack Flowers CBD DUO (20 grams)

Includes 20 grams of two varieties of Cannabis CBD Flowers to choose between 2 different versions: Candy Krush + Lowrider or Ninja Fruit + Sweet Spot + Gift: Cannactiva hemp rolling paper and Cannactiva keychain lanyard ribbon .

CBD TRIO Flowers Gift Pack (30 grams)

Includes 30 grams of three strains Flores Cannabis CBD: 10 grams of Candy Krush + 10 grams of Ninja Fruit + 10 grams of Lowrider CBD Flower + Gift: a ceramic ashtray handmade by the artist Una Mesa (limited units) + Hemp rolling paper and lanyard keychain ribbon by Cannactiva. Includes gift-wrapped package (at no additional cost).

CBD oil: the gift for your stressed-out parents and friends this Christmas

If your parents or friends are always stressed out, they need CBD oil in their lives! CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound found in the hemp plant. CBD has many potential therapeutic benefits, such as reducing anxiety, relieving pain and helping to improve rest.

CBD oil does not contain THC, so it is completely legal. It acts subtly in the body, providing a feeling of well-being and comfort. Just a few drops of CBD oil can help your loved ones relax and reduce their stress levels and sleep better. So if you’re looking for a gift that will really make a difference in the lives of your loved ones, give them Cannactiva CBD oil. They will thank you every time they use it!

We recommend starting with purified CBD oils, because they have a neutral taste that is better tolerated by most customers. In addition, it comes with a practical dropper for easy dosage. For a relaxing effect, buy the mildest concentrations, which are 2.5 or 5%. CBD oils of 10-20% are rather indicated for people experienced with its use or with pain.

Give CBD oil as a gift to your loved ones so they can start the year relaxed, rested and happy!

Special gifts: CBD cosmetics for Christmas

Beauty and personal care gifts are always a good gift idea for Christmas (a classic!). CBD oil is known for its healing properties, and CBD cosmetics are formulated to provide the same benefits to the skin.

CBD cosmetics are a great ally for dry skin, with properties to restore the skin barrier, eliminate fine lines and give the skin a more youthful appearance. In Cannactiva you will find a range of cosmetics with CBD of the highest quality and efficacy. They incorporate active ingredients, in addition to CBD, such as hyaluronic acid, which provides intense hydration and restores the skin’s natural elasticity and radiance.

We recommend the Cannactiva CBD Cosmetics Pack, which includes our three star products: Moisturizing CBD Cream, CBD and Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Repairing CBD Body Lotion. It’s the perfect gift for your mother, partner, or that friend who loves to take care of her skin.

And if you have a partner or project, give the gift of a unique sensory experience with our favorite CBD body oil Body Oil Tantra. It has a combination of warm and sweet aromas perfect for any romantic evening. What could be better than giving her a romantic and relaxing massage?

CBD Cosmetics Christmas Gift Pack for Facial Care

Includes Facial Cream with CBD Moisturizer (50ml) + Facial Serum with CBD and Hyaluronic Acid (30ml) + Tote bag cotton bag Cannactiva, as a gift.

Giving CBD massage creams as Christmas gifts

CBD creams are the perfect gift for the athlete in the family or group: that friend who is hooked on crossfit, for the runner in the gang, for your paddle tennis partner, or for anyone who practices sports regularly. Pain is an unfortunate but unavoidable part of exercise. From contractures to joint pain, there always seems to be something that hurts. And while a hot shower can be soothing, sometimes you need something with a little more power. That’s where physiotherapy CBD creams come in. CBD has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, as well as the ability to improve the appearance of the skin, providing immediate relief from muscle pain and discomfort. And what athlete couldn’t use a little relief and better looking skin? CBD creams are the perfect gift because they are practical, effective and 100% natural. In addition, they can be used as often as needed, because they have no psychoactive effects. Whether your friends are professional athletes or just weekend warriors, CBD creams are the ideal gift for anyone who exercises regularly.

Cannabis clothing for Christmas gifts

Looking for a Christmas gift for the Cannabis lover in your family? Check out Cannactiva’s clothing section! Not only is it fresh and original, but it also helps to show off your green thumb. Cannactiva T-shirts are the perfect gift for those who love hemp and all its derivatives. In our store you will find cotton T-shirts with the name of our CBD Cannabis Flowers strains: FUNKY, NINJA… Only cannactivists will know their true meaning! It is the ideal complement for those who repeat their orders week after week. In addition, we are happy to introduce you to two new additions to our clothing collection. The first is a fresh and cheerful shirt, with botanical prints of the Cannabis sativa plant. With short sleeves and fresh and breathable fabric, it transmits naturalness in all its senses. And for those who don’t want to lose the habit of giving original underwear as a gift, we have the matching boxer briefs! Whether you choose to give them a T-shirt with the name of their favorite CBD flower or a set with botanical prints of the hemp plant, you can be sure that the recipient will love it. And who knows, it may even be a trend-setter! Cannabis fashion for cannactivists:

Get advice on how to buy CBD products

There are different types of CBD and hemp products to choose from. In Cannactiva we have a customer service at your disposal to advise you if you have any doubts about which CBD product to buy, how to use it or clarify any questions you may have. If this is your case, please refer to the contact page.

Give CBD as a Christmas gift!

CBD products are a great gift for anyone in need of a little peace, relaxation, self-care and wellness. Stop searching, buy your gifts at Cannactiva and make sure your loved ones have a merry Christmas.

As always, we take care of every detail: from the best CBD product to the best presentation. During the Christmas campaign, you will be able to request your order gift-wrapped at the time of completing your purchase on the website.

This year, choosing a nice gift and surprising your friends and family will not be a complicated task. Give the gift of Cannactiva CBD products!

Wrap your gift Cannactiva CBD

Guide for giving CBD products as Christmas gifts (FAQs)

Who to give CBD as a gift this Christmas?

CBD products are perfect if you want to give the gift of balance, calm, good energy, peace and well-being. Everyone can enjoy its effects. As we have shown you, there is a whole range of products, very varied, in which you are sure to find the most suitable for that special person. Here are some ideas, based on our experience, of people who can benefit from CBD gifts:
– People who already know cannabis, but do not like its psychotropic effect. Discover the CBD universe for them!
– People who practice sports regularly and have frequent pain or contractures… Give them a relaxing massage with CBD!
– People with stress, nervousness, who are always in a hurry, who find it difficult to sleep well… Both CBD oils and CBD massages are your gift of choice.
– People with acne, dry skin and tightness. You will be amazed by the benefits of CBD cosmetics on your skin!
– People who like healthy eating. Foodies will love hemp and its nutritional properties.
– People looking to experience different sensations.
– Those furry, four-legged best friends (to be more precise), who are in pain or undergo a lot of stress during the day (because they have an ailment, stay home alone for a while, suffer in a carrier, go through a move…). There is a range of CBD oils for pets to help them relax and feel happier.

Which format is the most suitable for giving CBD as a gift?

There are several CBD products to give as gifts. Here is a summary of your options:
* Full Spectrum CBD oil: it is taken sublingually and it is the way to take CBD to obtain a stable and long-lasting effect. At a therapeutic level, it is used for chronic problems or those whose symptoms are maintained continuously throughout the day. It is important to choose Full Spectrum CBD oils, with the full spectrum of cannabinoids, which provides a more balanced effect and enhances the properties of CBD. It can also be used on the skin as a cosmetic agent and in psoriasis.
* CBD Vape Kit: it is a device to vape CBD in high concentrations (70% CBD + minor cannabinoids). Unlike oils, the peak effect of CBD vaping occurs 1-2 minutes after inhalation, and is useful in specific moments of need, such as times of stress or anxiety, which require a quick effect.
* Traditional CBD vape liquids: they have much lower CBD concentrations (1-5% CBD) and also contain PG and VG additives. It is an option for people who already vape, but are looking for a product without nicotine and with a quality Full Spectrum CBD. Vaping CBD gives a feeling of comfort and well-being, without losing daily focus and concentration.
* CBD Creams Physiotherapy: CBD creams are used to treat muscle or joint pain. CBD acts topically, with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, providing a calming effect. It is used in physiotherapy treatments or sports massages. We also have CBD massage oil (not just cream), which is perfect for you if you or your partner are sporty.
* CBD cosmetics: CBD is a recognized cosmetic ingredient and will appeal to that person who always likes to keep up with the latest beauty trends. We have moisturizing CBD creams, serum with hyaluronic acid and CBD and body lotion. In addition, we also have body oil for self-care (apply on the face, hands or in body massages).
* Hemp nutrition: hemp seeds and hemp oil are like a natural omega 3 supplement. And hemp protein is ideal both for athletes and as a food supplement. Discover also Cannactiva’s innovative hemp snacks, a much healthier alternative to what you will find on the market. Why not complement a CBD gift with a hemp seed recipe or snack? The ideal complement for a 180º cannabis experience!
* Cannactiva clothing: A gift suitable for everyone. Our clothes carry the Cannactiva seal, with the naturalness and good energy that we like to express.
If you are looking for a unique and beneficial gift for this Christmas, check out our CBD store!

Do you gift wrap CBD products?

During the Christmas gift campaign, in the Cannactiva online store you will have the option to request your order gift-wrapped before completing the order.
On the other hand, whatever CBD product you choose, it will always have an excellent presentation, characteristic of the Cannactiva brand.
It is also worth saying that, depending on how sentimental you want to be, you can add some detail of your own: an affectionate note, a special photo with that person, a drawing made by you, a background music, a nice atmosphere, a good dinner …

What indications should you give when you give CBD as a gift?

You can explain to him that CBD is a component that acts in a subtle way, and that he should wait about 10 days to really see its effects. CBD exerts its effect through the endocannabinoid system, and dosage is very subjective. Recommend that he start with low doses, as well as start a wellness routine to go along with that goal. In case of illness, it is recommended to consult a physician before taking CBD.

Can CBD products have adverse effects?

CBD is a well-tolerated component, even in high doses. It presents infrequent side effects, and all those described are of low severity. In case of illness or doubts, we recommend that you consult your physician before taking CBD.

Will you like it if I give CBD as a gift to someone who is reluctant to use cannabis?

The stigma of cannabis and marijuana has long since been left behind. We, ourselves, have seen anti-marijuana people drink hemp protein shakes on a daily basis. Fortunately, little by little people understand all the benefits that nature offers us. (Then, there are also people who have no idea that hemp or CBD come from cannabis). Even so, if you want to prepare your arguments, you should know that CBD is a 100% legal product, recognized by the WHO as a safe, non-psychoactive component, and admitted by the world anti-doping agency as a permitted substance for sports practice and competition. It is a non-psychoactive component, so its consumption does not give a high. In short, CBD is an extraordinary component with many uses and applications, which legally provides us with the benefits of cannabis.

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