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CBD Hemp Business Fair Barcelona Spain

CBD Hemp Fair: the largest CBD and Hemp Fair in Spain

The CBD Hemp Fair dedicated to professionals in the hemp and CBD industry has arrived in Barcelona, an event where visitors and industry experts can learn first-hand about all the latest developments in CBD products.

The next edition will be held on September 29-30, 2023.

In recent years, the cannabis industry has diversified enormously, now encompassing numerous booming sectors such as cosmetics, health and fashion. CBD Hemp Fair (formerly called CBD Hemp Business Fair) is a unique event to meet the leading companies in the CBD industry, discover their news, and learn about all kinds of interesting projects and new initiatives within a sector that is multidisciplinary.

What you can find at the CBD Hemp Fair

The CBD and hemp fair is attended by renowned national and international experts in the field of Cannabis. It is a meeting point for CBD professionals and businesses to learn about the latest developments in the hemp industry. But don’t think it’s only professionals: all visitors are welcome! Come and discover the world of CBD products and all the potential of the Cannabis sativa plant.

It is a unique event in Spain and Europe to discover the latest developments in CBD, in a stimulating environment, full of projects and new opportunities for companies and entrepreneurs. With showrooms, interesting conferences on cannabis and contact spaces for CBD and hemp businesses, all enlivened with outdoor music concerts and food trucks.

Our experience at the first edition of the CBD Hemp Fair of Barcelona

Cannactiva was at the first edition of the CBD Hemp Fair in Barcelona held in 2022. We were very happy to be able to meet many of our wholesale and retail customers. We give away many merchandising products, discount vouchers for the CBD store, to buy CBD online. buy CBD online and the best, sit on the sofas of our stand and chat with you, listen to your opinions and experiences with the products.

CBD Hemp Fair Activities and Exhibitions

The CBD Hemp Fair in Barcelona is a space open to all visitors, with activities and exhibitions for both customers (B2C) and entrepreneurs and companies dedicated to Cannabis (B2B). The Barcelona CBD fair has a wide repertoire of free activities, among which the following stand out:

Conferences on hemp and CBD at the trade fair

Related to all kinds of issues surrounding the hemp industry. Advances in medical research, cosmetics, legislation and much more. These were some of the conferences that we could see in the program of the first edition:

  • Regenerative agriculture and advanced cannabinoids formulation for therapeutic benefits, by Baptiste Lecordier;
  • Hemp: growing, science and re-evolution, by Esaú Rodriguez, Diana Cayuela and moderated by Joan Marc Moreu;
  • CBD and hemp extracts: Regulatory status and market opportunities, by Ludovic Rachou and Zoé Demange;
  • Technical-legal aspects and trends in the field of pharmacognosy of the ingredients of Cannabis sativa L. by Jose Maria Esteban and Jorge Redondo,
  • Clinical practice with CBD: Are we looking at a cosmetic, an OTC or a medicine? From Mery Peña, Kalapa Clinic;
  • Medical application of CBD, by Fernando Caudevilla.
  • Consult the full program and conferences here.

CBD Showrooms

Showrooms with live demonstrations on CBD from practice. Tastings of hemp beers, samples of CBD oils CBD oils , cosmetics with CBD

CBD Business Networking

As it could not be otherwise, in the largest hemp fair in Spain a space for networking is enabled. So, after strolling through the CBD Hemp Fair, you can enter the enclosure where you can have a drink, sit and chat comfortably. Find out about projects with investment possibilities and get information on the legislative level within the framework of the most professional CBD Business Fair. Please note that prior registration through the website is required to enter.

Good music to liven up the CBD Hemp Fair

Good music always makes everything better! At the CBD Hemp Business Fair you can listen to reggae, hip hop, cumbia, electrocumbia, swing and tribal music concerts, among others. A place to relax and have a drink outdoors, with food trucks included.

When is the next CBD Hemp Hemp Fair 2023?

Two days of intense trade fair, where exhibitors, professionals and visitors of the hemp and CBD industry will be able to exchange views and will have the opportunity to create new contacts and look for potential customers. All visitors are welcome to have a good time, chat, taste, learn, have fun, dance, and walk around the grounds and all its activities.

If you have any questions, you can find more information, updated program and the option to buy tickets on the official website of the Barcelona CBD and Hemp Fair:

Hemp Fair Barcelona
Cannactiva booth at the first edition of the CBD Hemp Business Fair

Information about CBD Hemp Fair in Barcelona (FAQs)

What is the CBD Hemp Fair?

CBD Hemp Business Fair is a unique event in Spain dedicated exclusively to hemp and CBD where you can walk through hundreds of stands of the most important companies dedicated to the sale of products with cannabinoids and hemp in Europe, as well as attend conferences and have access to the latest developments in the cannabis sector.

What are the dates of the CBD Hemp Fair 2023?

The date of the next Hemp and CBD Fair 2023 is September 30, Friday and Saturday, from 11 am to 7 pm. We look forward to showing you what we do and giveaways for all visitors.

Where is the CBD Hemp Fair held?

The hemp and CBD fair takes place in Barcelona, specifically at the Fira de Cornellà fairgrounds. It has good access by road and public transport, is accessible for people with reduced mobility, has parking for visitors to the fair and services nearby.

How to get to the CBD Hemp Fair in Barcelona?

The CBD Hemp Business Fair is located at Fira de Cornellá, a central location within easy reach of the city center and the airport. You can arrive by private car (parking is available), cab, subway, bus, train, streetcar or train. Railroad access FGC stop Almeda (+ 5 min. on foot)- Train access: Renfe stop Cornellà (+ 15 min. on foot)- Subway access L5 stop Cornellà (+ 15 min. on foot)- Trambaix tram access stop Cornellà Centre (+ 15 min. on foot)

What kind of CBD businesses are at the CBD Hemp Fair?

– Natural cosmetics and beauty with CBD
– CBD Perfumery
– Medical centers for cannabinoid therapy
– Hemp food and superfoods companies, including hemp beverages
– Laboratories for the extraction of CBD and other cannabinoids.
– Analysis laboratories for THC, CBD and other cannabinoids.
– CBD Hemp Seed Banks
– Fertilizers for hemp
– CBD oil companies
– Hemp farmers
– Textiles with hemp fiber
– CBD Legal Consulting
And much more! At the CBD Hemp Business Fair in Barcelona you will have an opportunity to get in touch with hemp and CBD related businesses and discover the full potential of the plant.

What activities take place at the CBD Hemp Fair?

Stands of CBD companies: with stands and exhibitors of the most important companies in the CBD and hemp sector in Spain and Europe. Conferences on CBD: professionals from various sectors related to Cannabis present the latest developments in their field. Hemp and CBD Showroom: to taste, touch and learn live and direct about the properties of CBD and hemp products. Networking of CBD companies: the event brings together more than 100 companies and provides a room in which to build a network of business connections to generate new opportunities and develop new products. A place to connect CBD labs, growers and all kinds of companies dedicated to hemp. Requires prior registration on the web.

Who organizes the CBD Hemp Fair?

Feria del Cáñamo SL is the organizer of the CBD Business Fair, with more than 20 years of experience in national and international events, some as well known as Spannabis Barcelona. His contact: info@cbdbusinessfair.com.

What is the entrance fee to CBD Hemp Fair?

The entrance fee is 13 € (1 day) and 20 € (2 days). Ticket offices open at 10 am. Buy your ticket online at a discount! 12 € (1 day) and 18 € (2 days). You can check updated prices and buy tickets for the Barcelona Hemp and CBD Fair on the CBD Hemp Business Fair – Tickets page.

Inés Cárrega
Chief Marketing Officer at Cannactiva

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