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by Cannactiva

Germany Legalizes Marijuana

Germany takes historic step to legalize marijuana. As of April 1, 2024, it will be possible to self-cultivate and distribute cannabis for personal use through cannabis associations.

CBD and Legality CBD News Culture
by Masha Burelo

CBD for Arthritis and Joint Pain Relief

We delve into the use of CBD oil drops and cannabidiol creams for arthritis. Effectiveness, dosage and management of CBD for pain relief.

CBD and Wellness CBD Usage Guidelines Science
by Dani Esteve

Best CBD Cultivation: Indoor vs Outdoor vs Greenhouse

What is the true king of cannabis cultivation: Indoor, Outdoor or Greenhouse? Discover how the environment imprints its character on your favorite strains and the differences that determine the best quality CBD.

Cannabis plant Science
by Andrea Rezes Esmeraldino

Sativa vs Indica: Do you know the differences?

Do you know the differences between indica and sativa? The former produces relaxation and pain relief, while the sativa has a more cerebral and stimulating effect. Find out more in this post - one of the most exciting topics in cannabis!

Cannabis plant Science
by Cannactiva

Best CBD Oil of 2024: The Concentration and Effect You Need

Welcome to a world of wellness and relaxation. Do you want to know which is the best CBD cannabis oil? Improve your quality of life with Cannactiva oils. This year, we present a selection of CBD oils that stand out for their quality and efficacy, ideal for those looking for everything from help to get …

Best CBD Oil of 2024: The Concentration and Effect You Need Read More »

CBD and Wellness Science
by Cannactiva

Differences Between Kush and Haze Varieties

How many marijuana strains have you seen with the tagline Kush and Haze? These are the two most famous parent strains, which make up the vast majority of Cannabis plants around the world. Welcome to the incredible world of cannabis, with two of the most famous varieties, Haze and Kush, which stand out for their …

Differences Between Kush and Haze Varieties Read More »

Cannabis plant Science
by Cannactiva

Complete Guide to Growing Kush Marijuana

Do you want to grow one of the most famous Cannabis Sativa mother plants in the world? We present you the Kush marijuana, with an origin in the Hindu Kush mountainous region. Growing this plant represents an exciting adventure for amateurs and experienced growers alike, because it is quite easy to achieve good results. Known …

Complete Guide to Growing Kush Marijuana Read More »

Cannabis plant Science
by Cannactiva

Effects and Medicinal Uses of kush marijuana

Kush varieties, thanks to their Indica genetic predominance, have historically been the most valued for their therapeutic potential, in addition to their relaxing and sedative effects. With a balance of CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), these strains offer a broad spectrum of medicinal applications, backed by constantly evolving research. Therapeutic applications of kush marijuana Before …

Effects and Medicinal Uses of kush marijuana Read More »

Cannabis plant Science
by Dr. Fernando Caudevilla

Does Cannabis Have the Same Effects on Men and Women?

Find out if cannabis affects men and women differently. A science-based perspective on the different experiences with cannabis between genders.

CBD and Wellness Science
by Masha Burelo

Medicinal Uses of Cannabis Throughout History

A journey through the history of cannabis from a medicinal perspective.

Culture History and Culture of Cannabis
by Masha Burelo

CBD Dosage for Pain: Current Research

Learn exactly what types of CBD products are effective for pain and at what dosage.

CBD Usage Guidelines Science
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