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Buy Trim CBD from premium varieties

Discover all the varieties of chopped hemp and the new 30g format, which reminds us of the typical packet of rolling tobacco, ideal for your pocket.

What is CBD Trim?

CBD Trim is the chopped hemp flower, that is, from the flowers or CBD buds with a large amount of resin, it is chopped to include up to 3 0g of trim in your pocket.

CBD varieties in Trim format by Cannactiva

In our CBD shop we have different varieties of CBD marijuana, all of high quality and with specific aspects that make each variety stand out.Our current varieties are:

  • CBD TRIM Funky Monkey 30g: Trim from one of the flowers best valued by our customers, from the strain Zkittlez CBD.
  • CBD TRIM Ninja Fruit 30g: A fruity variety mixing Strawberry Kush x Watermelon CBD .
  • CBD TRIM Funky Monkey 30g: Trim from the variety Gorilla Glue CBD, one of the most outstanding strains.
  • CBD TRIM MIX (Chopped Hemp): A mix of the best Cannactiva varieties.

How do we make the CBD Trim packets?

At Cannactiva, we use the resinous leaves closest to the flower, as well as small buds from the varieties in our flower catalog.

Our Trim is meticulously selected to include high-quality buds with plenty of resin, and sugar leaves.

You can also visit the CBD indoor, CBD greenhouse, or cheap CBD sections for more CBD flower catalogs.”