Build Your CBD Store: The 7 Secrets to Success

Cannactiva CBD store in Madrid

In recent years, the CBD or cannabidiol market has experienced an unprecedented boom. The high demand for these products has made more and more entrepreneurs interested in starting their own business selling cannabidiol products and setting up their own store, and we know that many doubts may arise along the way.

Here we tell you how to sell CBD legally, tips for opening a CBD store, and legal and practical aspects of making a CBD business plan. Our point of view on the CBD business opportunity, and how to get started in this growing sector. We hope to give you interesting ideas!

Is it legal to sell CBD in Spain? What about other European countries? Know the Laws

Selling CBD is completely legal in Europe, but each member country maintains its own regulations on these products (e.g. In Spain, the THC limit for products is 0.3%, in the Czech Republic, 1% and in Italy 0.6% THC).

As an important fact, you should know that most European countries do not allow the sale of CBD products for domestic consumption. Therefore, in Spain, CBD flowers and CBD hashish are sold as collectors’ items, but cannot be sold for smoking.

Can CBD oil be sold for oral consumption?

Aceite CBD 25 10ml

CBD oils are also not sold for oral or sublingual consumption, but are a cosmetic product, for external use.

This point always generates confusion, given that prior to 2018, CBD gummies, CBD oils to be taken orally, CBD supplements and CBD sports drinks, among so many other food products with cannabidiol, could be sold in Europe.

However, legislation changed, and non-psychoactive cannabinoids such as CBD came to be considerednovel foods and therefore subject to regulation by EFSA (European Food Safety Agency), which has not yet approved the use of CBD in food. For this reason, CBD oil became popular for oral consumption, but is currently not regulated as such. However, some countries such as the United Kingdom allow the sale of oral CBD. All of this creates confusion for the customer who wants to buy CBD oil because it has been recommended to them or they have heard about its benefits. Pharmacies sell CBD oils, but as a cosmetic product, just like CBD stores.

Knowing the laws and regulations, you will find out how to sell CBD legally in Spain and other member countries.

Permits required to sell CBD

There is no specific license to open a CBD store, nor is there a permit that allows you to sell CBD, but rather there are different CBD products and each can fit into different types of businesses.

Currently, these products can be purchased in herbalists, pharmacies, cosmetic and perfumery stores, grow shops, tobacconists, hairdressers and beauty salons, physiotherapy centers and even on Amazon. Get advice and use the permit that best suits the business model you want to open.

The 7 Secrets to setting up a successful CBD Shop

The title is pretentious; there is no recipe for success that works the same for everyone. Here we share some tips, based on our experience in our CBD stores in Madrid and Barcelona, and above all from our online CBD store.

The first thing you need to sell CBD is a business plan in which you clearly define your target market, your values, explore trusted CBD suppliers, and more key aspects that we will talk about here.

1. Perfect Product

If you want to get started in the CBD business, it is essential that the product you sell is perfect. By that we mean the high quality of the product, which is fundamental, but also its presentation (marketing) and availability (that you can replenish quickly, the same good quality and at the same price).

Offering the best quality products at the best price is essential for customer satisfaction.

CBD flowers and Hash of Cannactiva in the display of the store in Madrid.
Cannactiva CBD and Hash flowers in the display of Cannactiva’s physical store in Madrid.

2. Reliable suppliers

A trusted supplier is key to successful long-term CBD sales.

When choosing between different suppliers, the wholesale price of CBD products is not a good indicator of good or bad quality. The market is very varied, especially because it works with plant products and with different annual CBD harvests, or with derivatives such as resins, whose processing techniques are largely handmade. There are many factors that affect the quality of the final product and it is important to work with suppliers that always guarantee the highest quality.

In addition, your CBD supplier must provide you with an analysis of the flowers to ensure that they meet the maximum THC levels allowed, a legal requirement for distribution and sale. In addition, these flowers must come from hemp seeds certified by the European Union.

All Cannactiva products have the corresponding analytical tests so that you can sell CBD legally and safely in Europe.

In Cannactiva, one of the fundamental maxims has always been to sell CBD wholesale of high quality and at the best price, offering a close and professional treatment. You can easily contact us through our wholesale customer service. We deliver all over Europe and can handle large quantities and urgent CBD orders. No matter what product you need or how much you want, we can get it!

We also provide free merchandising items for you to give to your customers.

Fill in the form and, once your application for registration as a CBD business is approved, our specialized team will contact you and send you the catalog and wholesale prices. In addition, you will be able to buy CBD in bulk.

Cannactiva's CBD products warehouse
Cannactiva CBD Products: Flowers, CBD Oils, Vaporization and Creams.

In CBD oils there are also differences in the type of extract and its efficacy, and you cannot go by the wholesale price. Full Spectrum CBD extract offers the most benefits, but there are other types of CBD oils with less efficacy and sometimes at prices similar to Full Spectrum. Visit the CBD Oil Buying Guide to learn more.

On the other hand, there is the supply of CBD products with unregulated synthetic cannabinoids, such as H4CBD and HHC, which are found in CBD flowers (the bud is sprayed with these chemicals), in resins (they are mixed in their preparation) or in vaper liquids. In Cannactiva we do not work with this type of chemicals, we prefer natural and high quality cannabis.

3. Product Catalog

  • CBD Flowers Hemp buds, a non-psychoactive cannabis strain with a high CBD content. There are different varieties and types of cultivation(indoor, outdoor and greenhouse), and customers appreciate being able to choose between different cannabis flavors.
  • CBD Resins They are derived from the flowers that concentrate the trichomes, rich in resin. There are different types of hashes depending on the extraction technique used.
  • CBD Oil Hemp oil enriched with CBD. There are different concentrations to suit all needs.
  • CBD Vape Pen 100% natural hemp distillate (liquid hash), without additives, to vaporize cannabis in its most natural, comfortable and discreet state.
  • e-Liquids with CBD Cannabidiol in liquid for vaper, ready to use with a vape.
  • Physiotherapy CBD creams Products with soothing effect well established in the market and in high demand among athletes and people in pain.
  • CBD Cosmetics CBD cosmetics: Serums, moisturizers, body oils and lotions with CBD are revolutionizing the beauty and body care sector thanks to the benefits of CBD for the skin. If you are interested, ask for samples together with your order at Cannactiva. Also toothpaste with CBD.
CBD Cannactiva store in Madrid. Interior.
CBD Cannactiva store in Madrid.

4. Business Model

If you want to start selling CBD it is best to know the different business models with which you can start your CBD and hemp products store.

The 3 best known business models are:

  • Dropshipping (online sales): This business model consists of selling third-party products without having stock or managing inventory. This is done by opening an online store and displaying third party products, and when you receive an order, the supplier is the one who manages the packaging, stock and shipping. This is the business model that requires the least initial investment, so make sure you have a good marketing strategy to be successful. (See the Dropshipping service of CBD Cannactiva products)
  • Online retail: This business model consists of buying CBD products wholesale and selling them under your own brand. This business model requires more initial investment as you manage the inventory and shipments of your business. (See CBD Cannactiva’s wholesale services) .
  • Physical sales as a retailer: To sell CBD products in a physical store you need commercial premises to open your business and start selling CBD products. With this business model you need a supplier to be able to buy CBD in bulk. In Cannactiva we have the best quality products at affordable prices, contact us if you want to sell with Cannactiva.

Selling CBD is much more than filling the shelves of a physical store or publishing an online store. The selection of the type of CBD products, the presentation of the products, the knowledge of the product and the ability of the store staff to connect with customers and solve their questions, makes a big difference with respect to the competition.

5. Web

Choose a web design that adapts to mobile devices and check that the website is easy and comfortable to use from these devices.

Keep your website updated with relevant information and optimized according to SEO criteria. Make it easy to contact from the web, for example with WhatsApp buttons, phone call or forms.

Include the entire product catalog in an e-commerce platform, such as WooCommerce or Shopify, which facilitate the development of an online store in simple steps. Take care of the user experience and the content of the product sheets and the different pages of your online store to increase the conversion rate and improve your SEO.

Communicate in an original and truthful way, and do not use texts written by robots. Having a blog with the news of your business can help you to promote your products.

6. Marketing Strategy

Consider using loyalty programs, such as gifts, discounts and exclusive promotions for regular customers.

Start from the first minute to build your database of names, phone numbers and emails of your customers or potential customers to send them personalized messages with offers and information relevant to them. For example, in the physical stores of CBD Cannactiva we have a QR code to subscribe to the newsletter by scanning it with your cell phone. Choose a program to manage marketing communications (there are hundreds of them, with different prices and features).

Take care of your online presence. Register in directories such as Google Maps and provide updated information on opening hours and days. Interact with your customers’ reviews and opinions.

Study possible advertising channels, such as press, radio, google ads, partnerships with related businesses in your area, or the organization of workshops of interest to your customers. The Trip Advisor platform can help you attract more customers.

Sign up for the social networks you consider appropriate, but don’t forget that personalized marketing (emails or sms to known customers) is better than a blind ad, or an Instagram post. Also, consider that on Meta (Facebook, Instagram) ads about CBD are not allowed.

Contact a professional if you have doubts about your marketing strategy.

After all the marketing craftsmanship, the potential customer arrives at the store. They may be interested in different aspects of cannabidiol. What is the difference between hemp and marijuana? Can I be fined for carrying hemp buds on the street? Can CBD test positive in drug tests? What are the benefits of CBD? In the Cannactiva blog, we help you to get informed.

7. Shipping Times

If you have an online store, the shipping company and its quality of service is extremely important, something fundamental for customers to receive CBD at home quickly, safely and without complications. There are many formats, choose the one that best suits you. We know of a small town CBD store, which the owner delivers himself, by bicycle.

Is it profitable to set up a CBD store?

Overall, the CBD business is profitable and booming. As to whether it will be profitable for you, it will depend on many factors, some we have discussed here, others depend on individual circumstances. Like all projects, a CBD store requires an investment of desire, time and effort.

Where to sell CBD to die… SUCCESSFULLY?

There is no certain answer as to where it is best to sell CBD. Study the location and analyze the market: the number of CBD stores in the neighborhood and the city, the public, the type of stores and businesses around, if it is well served by public transport, even the results of possible online searches related to that location.

Obviously, in the center of a city you will have more visibility and potential customers, but we do not recommend you to choose on mapVisit the area, have a coffee in its bars, get to know the merchants in the area, watch the people passing by, what events are organized around, and do it both on weekdays and holidays, to have a complete view of the place.

Cannactiva store in Madrid Atocha (metro Lavapiés)
Cannactiva store in Madrid Atocha (metro Lavapiés)

How to sell CBD online 100% legal?

Not all online payment gateways and banks allow the sale of cannabis products. While you are likely to have few problems for your physical store’s dataphone or point of sale, in the case of e-commerce, it is different.

Selling CBD online has an added complication, since in many occasions, most banks cancel the service when they visit your website and see that you sell CBD online. We cannot recommend companies, because it is complex and complicated. One solution is CBD dropshipping (possible with Cannactiva).

Another option would be to look for alternative payment methods, such as cash on delivery with the shipping company (with commission), or by direct bank transfer. Ask your questions about online payments to an e-commerce professional.

How to sell CBD wholesale?

If you want to sell CBD wholesale it is because you have access to legal, high quality CBD crops. We recommend you to attend congresses and events organized around Europe for hemp professionals to contact companies and create a network that will bring you closer to the cannabis wholesale market. For example, through the EIHA (European Industrial Hemp Association).

In conclusion…

Hemp has arrived to definitively revolutionize the vision of CBD marijuana. There is a growing demand for these products, and it is a rapidly expanding market.

At Cannactiva, we have been working in the sector for years and we have first-hand knowledge of the best quality products produced in Europe, so if you are thinking of selling CBD, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have more questions about selling CBD, we have personalized wholesale customer service. Fill out our wholesale form and our specialized team will contact you.

Once your request is approved, we will send you the catalog with bulk and wholesale offers and wholesale CBD prices. We would love to hear your ideas and get to know your project!

We hope we have been able to provide some interesting insights into the garden that is entrepreneurship in the CBD business. May you be very successful in your project! Thank you for trusting Cannactiva, and we look forward to accompanying you in your success for many years to come.


Laura Salas
R&D Cannactiva | Cannabis Cosmetologist. Expert in cannabis and natural cosmetics with CBD

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