• 6,90 


    The perfect complement for any smoker, the biodegradable rolling tray. Keep everything organized and handy while you mess around.

  • 2,50 

  • 9,99 


    Discover the pack for smokers which includes: rolling tray, paper and cardboard filters, Cannactiva lighter and glass filter. Save with the Tool Kit.

  • 2,50  Select

    Discover convenience and durability with Cannactiva’s Budtainer Tube Grinder, made of durable plastic for a comfortable experience and safe storage.

  • 1,00  Select

    Manufactured with the highest quality and exclusive design, our ultra-thin paper offers you a comfortable and satisfying rolling experience, with slow and even burn. Each booklet includes 32 ultra-thin King Size Cannactiva papers.

  • 2,50 


    Cannactiva marijuana grinder. A grinder to take care of the planet, made of biodegradable materials. Ideal for fast and uniform bud chopping.

  • 1,50  Select

    Cannactiva Clipper lighter. A rechargeable lighter for sharing

  • 1,00 


    Glass mouthpiece for clean smoking. Choose your favorite color for the official Cannactiva glass filter. Ideal to have as an accessory when buying CBD.

  • 1,79 


    Hemp rolling paper. The Cannactiva booklet with magnetic closure includes 32 King size slim papers and 32 unbleached cardboard filters. Ideal for Cannactiva’s CBD marijuana.

  • 2,00  Select

    Lanyard to hang your keys or cell phone with swivel hook and show off the Cannactiva print.

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