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Cannactiva Hemp Accessories Store

Welcome to our store of hemp accessories, cannabis paraphernalia and accessories. Here you will find a small corner of unique products made with love so that you can enjoy moments of relaxation and fun in your day to day. A hat to enjoy a good sunny day, a comfortable, loose and fresh shirt; or a practical reusable bag made by a local artist, or a biodegradable grinder for your CBD marijuana. In our store we offer you high-quality products, made with natural and sustainable materials such as hemp. We would like to promote the hemp plant as one of the most sustainable and ecological crops in existence, with enormous potential as it can be used for the production of a myriad of materials, including clothing, fabrics and rolling papers. For this reason, we bring you a wide variety of products inspired by or made with this plant.

Cannabis clothing, t-shirts and accessories

You have a wide selection of t-shirts and accessories with cannabis motifs, but without falling into the cliché of the typical marijuana leaf. You can choose different t-shirts, which are printed with the name of one of our cannabis varieties, or of the marijuana terpenes. With different styles and colors, you choose!

T-shirts by local artists

In addition, at Cannactiva we promote love for all things artisanal and regularly collaborate with local artists for our promotional campaigns. Each one with their own style, they all reflect in our merchandising the love for the different ways of understanding the world of cannabis and the passion for a job well done.

Cannabis paraphernalia: grinder and rolling paper

We know that cannabis paraphernalia usually uses a lot of plastic, and for this reason our grinder is biodegradable. You will also find reusable glass mouthpieces, a rechargeable lighter and rolling paper made from hemp, which is a more sustainable plant than other plant materials. It’s our bit for a cleaner, healthier, more balanced world.

Visit the Cannactiva accessories store!

We make sure to carefully select our products to ensure they meet our high standards of quality and sustainability. Soon, we will fill our virtual shelves with more products. Stay tuned! We have other sections in our CBD and hemp derivatives store: